Monday, November 15, 2010

Breaking the Bank - Mossville Style...

Looking back on it, I guess the past few days haven't been that bad. I've been sitting on this post for a couple days, letting it marinate in the goodness of my hard drive after writing it the first time and wondering if it was toodle-tastic for y'all. Translation? UNSTOPPABLE.

I woke up early the other morning knowing it would be a long day - according to my sources registration typically takes a few hours since there are 8 MILLION miles of red tape to go through. Bubbles to be bubbled in - can't somebody write a web program or a facebook app to make this easier?

They completely screwed up my selection of courses which I already picked out earlier through this paper survey we were supposed to try out, so the fact that my appointment was at 8 AM in the Hossfelt building meant they were at least going to try to get me in early.

Jazzed up on brew? check. All my forms filled out as requested by my student guide book? Czech.

And yet, when I walked in, it was like they didn't even know why I was there. They practically re-registered me for the courses I was already in, yelled at me a bit for not paying the balance BEFORE registration (which I was never told I needed to do) and then were surprised when I told them I wanted to accelerate the following semester.

Fiddle-sticks. 19-credits ain't worth what they used to be worth.